Dumpster Rental Costs


Dumpster rentals come in all sizes. You can rent a small dumpster for a bathroom remodeling project, or a large one for a major cleanup. Most companies will provide a size chart so that you know how much waste you’ll have to get rid of. Many companies have different prices for different sized dumpsters, so you can also ask a salesperson about the best price. You can also choose the type of dumpster you need, depending on your needs.

Typically, rental prices are based on the weight of the debris. Usually, a smaller dumpster will hold less material than a larger one. A bigger dumpster will also be more stable, enabling a company to pick it up more easily. Make sure to load your dumpster evenly to avoid it bulge out. It’s important not to overload your dumpster.

The amount of money you spend on dumpster rental depends on a few factors. First, you must determine how long you need the dumpster. Prestige Carting have flexible rental policies, which let you choose what is best for your needs. You can book your dumpster as far ahead as three weeks before the project starts. 

Other fees that may apply to dumpster rental include late fees, hazardous waste disposal, and permit fees. These fees can vary from company to company, so you should always check before renting a dumpster. You can choose a dumpster with a high capacity, or a small one that’s only enough for a few days. If you need a dumpster for a few days, you should consider a variable-rate model.

Before you order a dumpster, be sure to plan the length of time you’ll need it. You may have to wait for several days or even weeks if you need a big dumpster for a small project. For most projects, a rented dumpster will last seven to ten days. You can extend the rental period for several days, but the cost will be higher. You can also choose a variable-rate model based on the amount of weight and the size of your trash.

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