Great Neck Carting Company

It is indeed an issue of stature to keep your premises clean and maintain your surroundings. It is probably the most primary duty of every responsible citizen to show concern towards environmental protection and safety and avoid use of hazardous substances that can possibly harm other fellow human beings.

Prestige Carting has been a full-fledged company servicing clients on Long Island for the last 20 years. We focus on all forms of reconstruction and restructuring and have built an extremely strong reputation through services rendered to our esteemed clientele. We are known for our sincerity and reliability and are proud to say that we are committed to provide best quality services at the best prices in the market. Over the years, we have created a niche for ourselves in this field that is unmatched.

We are very particular about planning our activities, scheduling our appointments with clients and giving attention to every minute detail of client’s requirements. We always assure successful completion of all projects that we undertake and ensure you that our services are of best standards that fall within your budget. The resources that we possess can be related to that of a big firm, but we are a small corporation at heart. When you reach out to us, you will find out that we lend a personal touch to everything and that is what makes the difference and helps us stand out in the market.

Prestige Carting is just one of the departments in our vast organization that looks into garbage removal, demolition and cleaning and dumpster rentals.